All ACBL sanctioned sessions are in this box . . .

The following screen will appear, with whatever ACBL sessions are Running and Pending at that moment. Note they are Individual, Pairs, MP's or IMP's, Robot or Speedball, etc.  Speedball is recommended: these you play with your partner, no matter where she/he is on Earth at this moment, and vs. other real people.

Note the start time: 7 PM for session #5598 in the following example.  All times are Eastern - not

Speedball sessions are 12 boards, consisting of four 3-board sets of 14 minutes each - almost exactly one hour.  They are available on the hour and half-hour most of every 24 hour day or night.  They cost $1.25 for each player, and are Sanctioned ACBL status with live on-site ACBL Directors on call at all times. Is that a bargain or
what, compared to what you pay at your local
Club or at any Tournament?

The following screen will appear.  To join a session, click on the blue Register ($1.25) box for the one you want to play in.

An Example: note that it changes by the minute 24 x 7 x 365 as sessions proceed.


BBO knows your BBO User Name when you Register: then you add your partner's BBO name (Player1, in this example), then click on
"I will pay for both myself and my partner" (recommended) and then click on Invite ($2.50).  You can have as many Partners in your BBO file as you want: each is a Registered BBO member.

"Invite" will issue an electronic invitation to your named partner and register both of you in that session, such as Pairs ACBL Sun 7pm Speedball #5598, as shown in this example. 

Partners must be logged into BBO in order to accept the Invitation.

If not  logged in at that moment, a message will appear that says  "Partner is not logged in", and the Invite process will have to be repeated when he/she is logged in. (Your duty.)

As you see, you could ask BBO to find you a partner.

Once your partner, here named Partner1, is logged in and Invited, he/she will click "Accept the Invitation" and you will both be placed at a table image, as N/S or E/W, as you see below, and at the exact start time moment (7PM in this example), your cards will appear in front of you, and you will be playing ACBL Duplicate.  Presto! 

Remember, Speedball (the recommended format) hands are 14 minutes for 3 boards: not 21 minutes.  But there's no shuffling or talking, etc., so it's really a Fast Pairs format.  It's Fun!

And, as you see, the bidding is present at all times, and the leads and played cards are shown on the screen. The player with the Yellow top is the one whose turn it is to play: North in this example, as West has led the Spade 2 into South's 3NT contract.

The players here are named Robot, as this is not a live example.


After the 12 hands are played throughout the field, your score will be presented to each of you, and any MP's you've won will be pending for  you via the ACBL process. Your evolving Session score is shown at all times, either in IMP's or MP's as you play each set. Once a set is done, you can look at all 4 hands with a simple click, and you can print out and/or save all boards you play on BBO, and use them for other purposes.

BBO is a sanctioned ACBL Club, but the MP's are not Black or Red, etc: they are uncolored for ACBL Rank purposes.

Click here right now and you'll be live on BBO in 2 seconds!


 Here's what the new front page will look like:

 Stay tuned here at BobsBridgeClub.Com for the transition...