Today, mid 2020 during a medical pandemic, classic duplicate clubs are not open.
We play online, mainly on Bridge Base Online at   

However the documents on were written when all bridge was
played in person in physical bridge clubs in Senior Centers and other places where 20
tables could be set up every day or several times per week.  

So all the physical things mentioned in BobsBrigeClub documents are no longer in place:
no shuffling, no dealing, etc. and the internet BBO computers won’t let you lead out
of turn
or renege, of course.  Hand records of all the pre-dealt BBO boards and results are available
 on the Club Sites for you to print out at home, and they remain online for months back

In the Coachella Valley, we have lots of Canadians and northerner Americans visit us in the winter
it is/was a major economic thing in the Valley.  They have all gone home now, but we still
play with them online as the Virtual clubs can accept players from anywhere there is Internet access

Not all former bridge clubs are online. Here in the Coachella Valley in the California desert,
there are only 2 such clubs online whereas we had 7 or 8 physical bridge clubs before the pandemic.

ACBL, the American Contract Bridge League, is the licenser for all commercial duplicate bridge
clubs in Canada, the USA and Mexico.  Similar organizations are in place all over the world.   ACBL
 has become highly integrated into BBO and vice versa. As this is typed, the ACBL is sponsoring a
triple silver masterpoint giveaway this week for all BBO Virtual Duplicate Clubs.  

ACBL at ACBL.ORG has a huge amount of free information for duplicate players and teachers.

No one knows when we will return to “normal” or if we will. 

But Duplicate players are truly fortunate to be able to play more bridge than we did and have
lots of time to do so as we’re almost all at home the vast majority of the time.